Should You Floss First Or Brush First?

A common question that patients ask their dentists is, “Which should I do first, brush or floss?”

The sequence makes no difference as long as you do a thorough job. Brushing and flossing is the best way to remove decay-causing plaque from your teeth and help maintain optimal oral health.

Choose a toothbrush that feels comfortable in your hand and in your mouth, and use it twice a day. Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle against the gums. Move the brush back and forth gently in short (tooth-wide) strokes brushing the outer tooth surfaces, the inner tooth surfaces, and the chewing surfaces of the teeth as well as the inside surfaces of the front teeth.


While tooth brushing removes plaque from tooth surfaces, it can’t do the entire job of removing plaque. Cleaning between the teeth daily with floss removes debris from between the teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach. People who have difficulty handling dental floss may prefer to use another kind of interdental cleaner. These aids include special brushes, picks or sticks. If you use interdental cleaners, ask your dentist about how to use them properly to avoid injuring your gums.

How do you know if you’re doing a thorough job? Your dentist may recommend using plaque disclosing tablets available over-the-counter at pharmacies and other stores that sell oral hygiene products. Plaque disclosing tablets are chewed after you clean your mouth. Red dye will stain plaque that has not been removed, showing you spots that need additional cleaning.


A&E wards faced unprecedented demand for services over Christmas

Reports over the Christmas period showed that the NHS faced unprecedented levels of demand during the festive season, with visitor numbers at some A&E departments up by almost a third on the previous year.


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Challenges to timely delivery

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, spoke in the House of Commons to say that the NHS remained committed to delivering a waiting time maximum of four hours for A&E patients, however, he added that is was only possible to guarantee this waiting time limit to those in need of urgent medical attention.

There were also claims that the NHS was facing a challenge so severe that it could be labelled a humanitarian crisis, but Mr Hunt denied this, saying only that the ‘very serious issues’ had affected just the odd hospital –

The Red Cross was one such organisation to apply the label after two patients died in one A&E department after being left for hours for treatment on trolleys in the corridor. One of the patients had been waiting to see a doctor for 35 hours. The situation has been widely reported in the media ever since, with many journalists saying that the end of the NHS might well be in sight.

Facing a crisis

The NHS is believed by many to be at crisis point in term of its funding and its challenging remit, from clinical trial services through to emergency care and long-term condition management for patients with chronic diseases and illnesses. Find out more at

Drunk people criticised

Mr Hunt also spoke to criticise drunk people who were using A&E for treatment due to drink-related illness, saying that they were selfish for depriving others of care. The comments came after widespread media coverage of ‘mad Friday’ – the last Friday before the festive period, where cities were overrun by revellers.

The Health Secretary called on people to use the NHS in a responsible manner, saying that over a third of attendances to A&E at peak periods were down to drunken incidents. Certainly, peak periods such as holidays and weekend nights often see A&E departments overrun by people who have over-indulged on a night out and who then need emergency medical care for inadvertent intoxicant abuse. Thus, requiring beds, ambulances and medical support for conditions which could be avoided.

Clenbuterol -40mcg Pills- Cycling -Dosage and Side Effects

Clenbuterol tables are available in different doses. They are sold in 20 mcg and 40 mcg. But most of the brands sell 20 mcg while 40 mcg tablets are sold by few brands. These 40 mcg pills are generally used in veterinary for treating asthma and bronchodilators in animals. These 40 mcg Clenbuterol pills are not popular in bodybuilding industry and for weight loss as they do not show the results for the cycles. Generally many users increase their dosage 20 mcg after couple of days. This way they prevent the side effects and they gain effectively.

Usage of 40 mcg Clen

Clen is a popular steroid which is used by many bodybuilders as well as athletes, as it helps in burning fat. The dosage is really simple and there will be no much variation in the cycles when a person is using 40 mcg pills. The cycles variation is not much when a male uses it and even when a female. Only thing is that women must sue lower dose than men.  Generally Clen 40 mcg is not used by people who do not use performance enhancing drugs. This is used only when they are looking for fat loss. Clen is a bronchodilator and help when it is stacked with Trenbolone, and when breathing disorders are there. When Clen is used few people experience cardiovascular as well as respiratory problems. Though the practice of using Clen is rare, few people use in during bulking to avoid fat gain. The dosage of Clen must be in micro grams -mcg and not milligrams – mg, when specially used with any performance enhancing drugs.  If there is any dosage mistake, there will be fatal which is caused by the Clenbuterol which is stimulant. The dosage must be taken carefully when Clen liquid is used.


When a person is maxing out at 20-40 micrograms tablets, the dosage must be increased gradually. This way the body adapts to the change and the effect of the stimulant, because few people are intolerant. Initially, many people see side effects, so dosage must be increased gradually. If a person is not facing any problems, they can increase their dose quickly. The general dosage which is preferred is 20-40 mcg each day, and then they can add 20 mcg slowly. The peak dosage is generally 120-160 mcg.

Clen Cycles and Side effects of Clen

Clen has the ability to help a person in loosing fat and the cycles as well as the dosage are simple. Clen is used generally when a person is looking to lose their body fat and during the cutting phase. When bulking also few athletes use it because they do not want to gain fats. There are beta-2 receptors in Clen, so it must be used for four weeks and then the cycle must be off. After which again the person must go for two weeks cycle on and off. Because continuous use of Clen will cause health problems, the cycle must not be used for more than three months.

Know all about golf injuries

Well if you talk about the most famous games that are being played then definitely golf is one of the most favored games that is loved by people of all the occupation. Well mainly people on their weekends or in order to relax they go and play golf. This proves that golf is one of the highly recommended game. Now people also do get injured while they play the golf and sometimes the injury is such that it causes major problems and hence proper treatment is required in order to get the relief from the injury that has been caused.

This game is mainly popular among the old age group and this has already been discussed above that yes people do face stretching or they even go through type of injury that becomes so painful sometimes and hence in this article we will be discussing about shockwave therapy NYC.


Now here are some preventive measures given that you should definitely take care while you start playing golf-

  • First of get the proper training while you play with standard type of swing.
  • Regular and continuous exercise alleviates most of the injuries
  • Try not to practice much
  • Do not try over swing
  • Play moderately according to the level of practice and skills that you have.

Well if you do take these preventive measures that have been discussed above then definitely you will not face any type of problem but then too people who are In much love with golf face many types of injuries such as hip injury, knee injury and many more is being faced by people. now if we talk about types of injuries that you come across while you play golf then yes knee, hip, back pain are the most common type of injuries that people do face.

Now if we talk about the back pain then it happens because of the people when they do more of swinging. Well the studies have revealed that people once they undergo with golf back injury then they do stop playing the golf. While once you face the back problem then it becomes difficult for you to swing the ball.  Well back pain is caused because if the poor swing mechanics and this is because of the poor practice and better skills.

 Now if we talk about the symptoms then the back pain injury includes-

  • the main risk factor includes poor flexibility
  • Lower back discomfort
  • Numbness is also one of the symptom
  • Burning sensation

Well if we talk about the golf knee injury then it is mainly caused with the people who have already participated in the sports activity before. No doubt sports people do face knee problem and later on with golf it develops more. Well most of the pain is felt below or above the patella. Well this is actually the bone of the knee.  Experts and modern treatments are being done with the people who do face knee injury. Hence you can go to the best of the hospitals for the treatment.