What to expect from nose job surgery?

Why consider a nose job? What is a nose job? And what can you expect from it?

Maybe you look in the mirror and you like your features, except your nose. You feel that the nose is the only blot on a beautiful landscape. You have decided at last to do something about it, but your doctor has no ideas, and you decide on a nose job.

Medically known as a ‘rhinoplasty’, a nose job is usually a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of a nose if a person feels that it is less than satisfactory and affects their looks negatively. There may also be medical reasons for a rhinoplasty, for example to improve breathing or to correct defects or injuries. Here’s a guide to the surgery.

What a nose job can change

A nose job can be used for a variety of corrections, for example: to shorten or thin a large nose, change the angle, remove defects such as bumps, dents and lumps, reduce the size or look of nostrils, improve the symmetry and general look of the nose, and repair injuries.

Where to start

The starting point is always advice and consultation, don’t consider surgery without a proper discussion of needs, hopes, medical procedures, recovery time, possible side effects, and cost. A good, reputable cosmetic surgery company will offer consultations. Before the surgery, you will have a proper evaluation of your health and nose, and advise you what to expect from the surgery.

Seek out a good reputable cosmetic surgery company and check their credentials, look at their reviews and ratings, make sure that they are transparent, professional and offer good customer service. Do your research, be sure of what you want, and don’t feel under pressure, cosmetic surgery is a big step, and it needs to be considered, thought out, and then carried out by the right surgeon for you.

An Unusual Holiday

Considering the self-consciousness of some people recovering from facial surgery, and the fact that you may need a bit of time to yourself to recuperate, have you considered having your nose job abroad?

This would enable you to combine your holiday or short break in Europe with the surgery, allowing you to recover and get used to your new look without friends and colleagues leaving you feel self-conscious. By the time you are home, you will have become used to the new reflection in the mirror and will be able to face the comments and questions of those around you.

Another advantage of travelling for your surgery is facilities to the same standards as you would find in the UK. Find out more information on getting a nose job abroad.

Competitive and transparent pricing with customer services and facilities which are second to none. Europe Surgery offer a UK helpline and customer care in English for the high quality and competitively priced surgery in Poland, so why not enjoy a holiday to celebrate your transformation?

What happens now

You feel that you want to go ahead. Have you checked that your doctor is happy with your general health? Normal requirements of all good cosmetic surgeons is general good health. Make sure you declare any health issues, medicines and allergies.

Some surgeons will use local anaesthetic, and some use local. With general, you will need someone with you for 24 hours and you will need transport to where you are staying, with local, you may need recovery time at the clinic. Surgery is up to 2 hours and then recovery, minimal movement, ice packs and rest for up to 48 hours is required. Return to normality is usually within a week or two.