Reasons why braces are currently cool among kids.

Back in the day, kids wearing braces used to get taunted and picked on by their peers being called names such as metal mouth, tin grin among others. At the time braces were like a nightmare to kids and teenagers alike however at the moment they have become to be one of the most desirable orthodontic treatments among kids. Several orthodontists have further confirmed that a significant number of kids reacted with happiness after being told they required braces and some who didn’t were upset when told they did not need them. All in all, child friendly orthodontists specializing in gentle dental experiences even though happy with the changing attitude towards their treatments. Maintain that they are the only ones who can determine the appropriate treatment for each case and advise parents to take their kids for consultation as early as possible preferably before the age of 10.

How braces work.

Naturally, not all teeth grow the same. Some grow straight while others come out irregularly. Braces apply some constant pressure on the irregularly grown teeth slowly moving them to the desired position. The amount of time you are required to wear them depends on the severity of realignment needed however most kids often require just a few years. It is considered to be one of the cheapest options used to effectively straighten teeth. Sometimes braces can be used hand in hand with other orthodontic correctional devices i.e. Those for correcting issues to do with teeth spacing and jaw alignment. You may be required to wear a retainer after taking the braces off for a while which is more or less a hard plastic guard that ensures your teeth do not go back to their original position.

Why braces are now considered cool.

They are less visible-  initially, braces were made out of thick metal wires that were very conspicuous and easily noticeable. Even though metal is still being used to make them, advancements have enabled the metal wires to be comparatively thinner and smaller with the same or even better efficacy. There are as well options of braces that are the same color as your teeth or others that are located on the backside of your teeth making them very hard to make out at first glance.

They are available in various colors- unlike the olden days, there are now bands with a variety of colors that kids can choose from. These bands are designed to move around each brace which child friendly orthodontists specializing in gentle dental experiences believe has a part to play in making these braces cool for kids. they can have their sports team colors, favorites, or mix them up depending on what they prefer.

People now understand their importance- it is likely that if you do not use these braces or other orthodontic devices while young, you may have to in the future. The results are as well an assured better smile, reduced visits to the dentist and a boost in your confidence which may have otherwise not been there. Furthermore, advancements have made them comfortable to wear and can be discreet if that’s a preference for you.