The Tight Beard Style

Beards can make or break your personality and styling. You must know the beard style that suits your face shape and have a routine to follow on the trend if needed. Your shaving routines, trimming routines, use of beard grooming products everything depends on that. Beards are no doubt in trend, but if you don’t wear a right beard, you are just not moving with the trend.

You can choose the one from hundreds of beard styles. And, the good part about having so many options around is you can safely say that there is a beard style for every man. You should have the patience and the knowledge to choose the right one. However, after selecting the right beard style, we say you go an extra mile to make it look to the point and not give people mixed views about you sporting the right one.

Go for a tight beard style in case you want to take your beard style a mile ahead. Tight beard is not a beard style but more about sharpening your beard to bring out your facial features in a much crisp and clear way. It will give your face a character and definition. The tight beard is a good-to-sport style, but equally challenging to maintain.

If to-the-point styling is your thing, we suggest you go ahead with the tight beard style to flaunt the look that you always wanted. If you are wondering about getting a tight beard style for yourself, sit tight and check out the routine you want to follow to own this one.

Achieve the Tight Beard look

Styling and growing a tight beard is just as typical as any other style. The only difference is we would focus on the sharp lines on your style and make them sharper with trimming, so that you have a look that can help you stand out.

Keep reading and follow the steps given below to enjoy a tight beard look.

  1. Stop shaving

Take some time off from shaving. You should wait for a time of two to three weeks, or more may be depending on your beard growth rate. It differs from person to person. Some people can grow it faster, and some others require time to grow the beard of the desired length.

  1. Start trimming

Time to shape your beard for the best style. Tight beard styles require tight lines along the cheekbones and jawline for a style that you were waiting for since the growing phase. You will have to create a hairline in between your cheekbones and jawline. You can achieve these perfectly tight and evenly trimmed lines using a Gillette Fusion Pro-Glider Styler. The precision trimmer behind the razor helps you take care of the difficult corners of your face.

  1. Maintain the neckline

The neckline is something that many of the bearded men tend to ignore or avoid. The neckline is just as important as your overall facial hair look. You can’t prevent the former and still hope for a great beard look. Therefore, you should trim your neckline and maintain it if possible. Define it distinctly under the chin, so the hair does not grow beyond that. If they do, trim or shave it off.

  1. Symmetry

A right beard style is a good thing, but you must also take care of the symmetry when you are styling the beard. Keep the hair around the chin and the mustache hair about the same length. Also, check for the extra whiskers that tend to grow longer.

Wrapping up

A tight beard can be your way of telling people about your personality. Neat and tight beard lines along the jawline and cheekbones also mean that you are very specific and particular when it comes to beard grooming.

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