Why are Table Saws So Dangerous

According to the statistics, people, in the United States, use up to 10 million table saws at their residences. If you have a table saw, you may know that it sometimes can be dangerous to use. A single moment of distraction could lead you to get too close to the machine’s blade and end up with a life-threatening injury.

Every year, while using table saws, many people fall in injuries to fingers and hands due to a variety of reasons. In the same way, they are more prone to injuries from such objects that fly from the rapidly moving blade. Since a 10-inch blade spins at about 4000 rpm, you can easily imagine the devastation of these injuries.

Only purchasing the best contractor table saw is not enough, but you have to know the risks of using a table saw before. In this article, we’re going to talk about table saws why they are so dangerous to use. We’ll also show you what types of injuries can unintentionally occur while using a table saw.

Why Table Saws Cause Accidents

Table saws may kickback when the material flies back towards you. They also have a variety of chances to have you injured. So, let’s have a look at some potential dangers that can occur life-threatening injuries to you.

  • Giving Excessive Force

You may face accidents when you’re using the table saw with excessive force. As a result, you could fall on the blade that’s moving at full speed.

  • Wearing Loose Clothing

While using a table saw to cut wood, your clothing may get caught in the table saw’s blade. If you wear loose clothes that are hanging on your body, you have higher risks of injuries.

  • Flying Projectiles

When you’re cutting a piece of timber, wood chips, nails, and sawdust can fly at high speed. Only a small piece of wood can cut the skin or cause damage to your eyes.

  • Cutting Wet Wood

You are probably cutting wood that’s not dry enough. You shouldn’t cut it because the moist pieces of timber can slip and can cause a severe injury.

  • Using Dull Blades

If you cut wood with a dull blade, it can easily kickback you. It can also hurt you and causes risky starts. So, use a sharp, well-oiled blade for smooth operation.

Some Precautions before Using a Table Saw

  • Always wear eye protection
  • Avoid all loose-fitting clothing
  • Wear non-slip shoes
  • Keep sleeves away from the saw-roll
  • Check saw before you use it

Some Precautions When Using a Table Saw

  • Use the table saw blade guard if possible
  • Keep a splitter in place whenever possible to prevent dangerous kickback
  • Before you pick up stock or scrap, turn the table saw off to allow the blade to stop spinning
  • Avoid standing in the line of the blade
  • Never place your fingers or hands in the path of the table saw blade
  • Unplug the saw when you’re changing the blade


After all, table saws have a pretty bad reputation which they don’t deserve. If you use a table saw with caution and full concentration, you’ll be able to avoid any severe injury. However, this excellent piece of equipment can make every DIY plan into reality. So, remember and follow the tips mentioned above.