Let’s face it, you are fighting every day with your hair in the morning. Often it is because of your hair care procedure in crucial. Its very important that you have some knowledge what the ingredients in shampoos do and what only help your short term look and which helps your hair over a longer time.

Humidity is really important and a main concern when woman complaining about there hair. A main fact is because your hair is dry because of Silicones covering the hair. Maybe you have heard already, they are plastic polymers which are used everywhere from conditioner to household caulking.
There main reason of them in general is sealing and they also do with your hair. So moisturizing your hair will be only success-full if you use a moisturizing shampoo without silicones.


In hair products silicone’s are widely used. They are providing a attractive slip and shine, it can also help smooth and straighten your hair.

Silicone’s have nice side effects in haircare products as well. Silicone’s are able to make hair that look damaged, feel and look like it’s healthy by fill in the porosity. And they protect each hair, by making it smooth as well as bright by adding a silicon protection layer to each strand.

If you try to spot them on your product, they are hard to recognize because they have plenty of names in the ingredient listing.


Silicone’s is nearly as rubber or plastic. It is normally used as for sealing against water as well as air. The negative side effects of this unreal cover is immense for your hair.

It give the hair the illusion of shine, but its a fake shine from the plastic. The silicone cover will weight-en the hair and make the hair lifeless over the time the volume and humidity will go away because of the extra weight and the sealing cover.

So we get a nice shine for a short time, but over time because of the lack of humidity, the hair will become very brittle and can lead to frizz and breakage. Your hair will dry out, because the proteins added in your hair care products can not reach the hair due to the silicon cover.

The, silicone is further more quite hydrophobic, which means they do not wash out easily, and the silicone layers will adding up layer by layer. Over a longer time span the silicon will add more and more layers to your hair and this cover will get really heavy and your hair will feel greasy.

We’ve figured when hair feels greasy, consumers will wash and style their hair even more and adding a additional damage. A so called cycle of damage is the result.


Water-soluble silicone have been developed which should wash out more easy. Cyclomethicone is the most used silicone in haircare products and it does everything silicone promises to do, but is should not be as bad as the other silicones. It industry says it won’t leave serious buildup on the hair, but without providing any prove to this statement.

Basically silicone is non-water-soluble and can be only removed from your hair if you use a clarifying shampoo.
So watch out for everything ending on “cone” in the ingredient list when buying as Shampoo, especially a moisturizing shampoo. Make sure avoid all with “Dimethicone” because they are the hardest to remove from the hair.


It is best to do some research before you buy anything for yourself. There are more and more natural haircare producers entering the market and bing healthy products.

Especially Germany has several great producers of natural Feuchtigkeitshampoo

and natural Haircare.

Before shopping begin your investigation of the product by checking the element list of the product.
Check the ingredient list very careful and avoid silicones in your moisturizing shampoo.

And you have to know, the higher the product is on the product list, the higher the percentage of that ingredient in the product.


This days there are plenty of silicone free haircare products and moisturizing shampoo on the market.
The best for your hair are vegan or organic goods. They are a little bit more expensive but do not make compromises on the health and beauty.

For the health of your hair as well as your beauty and well being you should only try to give the best to your body. Organic products with no silicones are the way to healthy hair.