How To Help An Elderly Person With Depression

Senior depression is one of the most troubling issues for elderly adults to face. Getting older comes with enough difficulties and challenges for the mind and body, depression can exacerbate the symptoms of aging and make things much worse. Unfortunately, it’s something that too many seniors struggle with on a daily basis. 

These feelings can be triggered due to the medical conditions with which they are also struggling or there may be other emotional components such as the passing of a loved one or close friend. Loneliness plays a large role in a senior feeling depressed. When there is no one around for them to talk with or show and receive affection, that’s when they can feel particularly lonely. 

Financial troubles can also be a leading cause of depression. A large majority of seniors live on a fixed income relying on their retirement savings to get by. When that money starts to dry up or medical bills have put them into serious debt, seniors can start to feel despondent about their situation and they get easily depressed. 

But there are ways to help. The following tips are critical for any Reliable Senior Care Provider to put into practice and should be considered when dealing with a senior who has depression. 


One of the most effective ways to ward off those feelings of depression is to get your senior socializing with friends and family. There’s nothing worse than sitting at home all alone when depression is having a serious impact on the mental health and well-being of anyone, much less an elderly adult. 

Just having someone to talk to and laugh with can do wonders for staving off depression. So it’s a great idea to find opportunities for elderly individuals to meet and spend time together. Of course, the family is also a fantastic solution to thoughts of depression. Spending more time with your senior will make their day that much brighter and happier. 

Routine Activity

Staying heart healthy is also a great way to stay mind healthy as well. Getting in the right amount of exercise on a daily or even weekly basis can make those thoughts of depression melt away. Sadness and loneliness thrive in conditions where someone is sitting alone all by themselves. Since physical activity can get the mind going and the blood flowing, it’s a smart solution for eliminating depression in seniors. 

Just be careful about overexertion. Don’t force a senior to take on too much exercise, let them take it at their own pace as overdoing it can lead to injury or sickness. Consult with your senior’s physician to have him or her recommend a smart fitness regimen that is tailored to the particular strengths and weaknesses of the individual senior. That way you can be sure you’re doing right by them. 

It’s time to get off the couch and get outdoors. Take the dog for a walk, go for a job, even yoga, or light weight training can put a senior’s mind towards achieving goals for personal success.