Mind-blowing Ancient secrets to Supercharge your Spiritual growth

If you ever tried to have a glimpse of the glorious past, you would realize the men in ancient time were doing almost what we people are doing now such as fishing, making leather goods, cultivating and much more except that we are doing with technological expertise but they did it without much help from technology. Now, how was it possible? It was possible because the ancient people tapped into the ancient secrets and focussing on the inward spiritual self within which is the higher level of consciousness which gave them the power to venture into the sea unarmed with technology. Spiritual growth is the process of supercharging your body and mind inside out to tap not only what the tangible science has to offer but also the abundance of what the higher consciousness has to offer.

Importance of Spiritual growth

Spiritual growth is important for peopleĀ  in all walks of life because

  • It helps you to get rid of wrong as well as unreal beliefs thought, ideas and concepts
  • It is the awakening of the internal consciousness above the mundane existence to realize Universal Truths
  • It helps in leading a harmonious life devoid of ego, tension, fear, and anxiety
  • It helps you to learn to exercise the art of detachment in the attachment.
  • It strengthens the innerself and makes you strong and powerful.
  • It gives you the maturity to understand the importance handling responsibilities and not escaping from them to become a responsible individual who is stronger than and happier than before.
  • It helps you to counter as well as restrict the constant chatter of your mind.


Mind-blowing ancient secrets and fostering spiritual growth

  • Supercharging your spiritual growth is possible by making a conscious effort for internalizing and harmonizing yourself with the forces of nature around you. Spiritual growth is there for you to achieve when you re able to breathe in or internalize whatever you see and smell.you can understand this concept better when you take a look at the Polynesian boat people of the ancient time who have engaged and have successfully made voyages across oceans that seemed impossible, despite the help of minimal technology. This was possible because the boatmen internalized a variety of factors such as how waves crash on the ship, cloud clusters, motion of stars, behavior of the wildlife etc,
  • The quickest and easier alternative to supercharge your Spiritual growth is to spend sometime in isolation. It is an effective way to quieten the senses and to make your innervoice heard. This can be the reason for which the Native American cultures in ancient times followed the coming to age ritual, where they sent the males who are entering the age of puberty were sent out of the tribe for2-4 days to spend time alone in the wilderness to discover the higher purpose of life.
  • You could use energy healing to remove internal blockages. The optimal balance of chakras and the energy centers will ensure the harmony of body and mind and those with the Universe.
  • Use meditation to gain inner peace and make you empowered to achieve spiritual growth. The Buddhist monks have achieved the otherwise inaccessible gifts through the benefits that meditation offers. However, in modern times with a number of meditation types, you do not have to become a monk to practice meditation and supercharge yourself for Spiritual growth.