What to Know About Digital X-ray Imaging

Advanced technology has revolutionized the world of x-ray imaging. Digital x-ray imaging has been implemented into a variety of medical fields due to its increased safety and efficiency. This advanced form of imaging produces high-resolution X-ray images and offers patients less radiation exposure than alternative methods in the medical market. Here are some benefits associated with digital x-ray imaging.

Digital x-ray Imaging Uses No Chemicals or Film Processing

Digital x-ray imaging has eliminated a lot of the chemicals that have been used in traditional methods. This process is more environmentally friendly and allows patients screenings at a lower cost. Patients looking for a cost effective, safe, and environmentally friendly option should look for centers that offer digital x-ray imaging.

Digital x-ray Imaging Offers Patients Reduced Radiation Exposure

One of the greatest benefits of digital x-ray imaging is that it greatly reduces the radiation that patients are exposed to. Compared to the traditional film processing, digital x-ray imaging cuts radiation exposure by 80%.

Digital X-ray Imaging Takes Less Time

Digital radiography offers patients a way more efficient process for getting an x-ray. Digital x-ray imaging produces pictures as quickly as one second after shooting; the procedure is fast and effective. The traditional method of film processing often requires patients to wait for up to a couple hours before they receive their images.

Digital X-ray Images Are Easily Sent to Other Doctors

Digital radiography is a great way patients can speed up the diagnosis process. From a screening center, images can be sent to other doctors as soon as they are captured. The efficiency of this process allows patients to receive a quicker diagnosis and treatment plan; doctors are better able to serve patients and patients receive better service.

Patients like effective and efficient medical procedures. The advancements in digital radiography have enabled patients to receive a high level of care in half the time.