4 modern solutions to age-old ailments and health problems

Technology has been credited with many wonders – and many of us can now tap into those benefits with just… well, a tap. A tap on a screen or button, that is. These days, the answer – or, at least, relief – for our health woes is often already nestling in a pocket on our clothing.

While some remedies might require you to buy a whole new device rather than simply use one you already have, here are a few examples of physical and mental health issues which have long been common – and how you could resolve them with the right twenty-first-century solution.

Poor body image

Many of us might be familiar with looking at our bodies in the mirror and thinking that we could do with toning ourselves up a little. However, the adverse effects of a poor body image can go much deeper than this, potentially leading to difficulties with our relationships and careers.

It can also lead to eating disorders – but Tamara Levitt, Head of Content at the software company Calm, recalls that “mindfulness was key in my recovery” from an eating disorder. This is largely because meditation, as the Calm app encourages, can make us less judgemental, as Forbes reveals.

Anxiety and depression

Neither anxiety nor depression is simply a case of feeling “a little sad”. The World Health Organisation has named depression the world’s single largest contributor to disability, while anxiety disorders are in sixth position.

Anxiety and depression have traditionally been treated with pharmaceutical drugs which can give rise to numerous side effects listed by Healthline. Reassuringly, though, research suggests that CBD oil could be a natural, but still effective, alternative for treating these conditions.  

You could take CBD oil as oral drops or by vaping it; VSAVI even stocks CBD-friendly vape pens.

Poor physical health

The advantages of good physical health are well-documented, but it seems that our caveman ancestors probably got a lot more of them without even realising. After all, they didn’t have cars or buses that could save them from having to walk or run everywhere…

Nonetheless, technology isn’t necessarily the enemy of good fitness. Just consider two apps highlighted by What Mobile: Full Fitness, which offers personalised fitness plans without extortionate price tags, and Couch to 5K, which… well, the name’s almost self-explanatory. Let’s just say that it’s a promising helping hand for people keen to take up running.

Alzheimer’s and dementia

How can you be certain that you are beginning to suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia? Don’t just watch out for signs of forgetfulness; instead, download the Braintest app which you can use to give yourself a brain screening in your own home.

As a scientific brain test is often used in detecting subtle indicators of cognitive impairment, using this app makes sense if you fear that you could start showing early symptoms of such. Judging from statistics provided by the World Health Organisation, the world’s overall number of people with dementia could reach 82 million by 2030, a startling projection.

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