5 facelift myths busted

Getting a facelift or neck lift is one of the most effective means you can take to reduce the signs of ageing. But deciding to take the plunge is a big deal, and most people will be influenced by things they’ve heard from others or read about on the web. There are many things you should consider before getting a facelift so, to help you, here are some of the most common myths busted. 

Facelifts look unnatural

There are some cases in the media where people appear to have had artificial-looking facelifts. And, it’s true, in earlier years, the techniques employed by surgeons were not as advanced and therefore wouldn’t have had as good results. But today, methods are far more advanced and facelifts are designed to look completely natural. Choosing a reputable, qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon will ensure that you get the best results. 

Facelifts lead to worsened ageing 

Another common myth is that facelifts actually speed up the ageing process, leading to more saggy, wrinkled skin. In fact, a facelift will not affect the skin’s natural ageing process and it will continue to age at the same pace after surgery. 

You can achieve the same results through injectables 

Dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables are highly effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, but they are a less invasive procedure, and therefore will not produce the same results as a facelift. A facelift will not only treat wrinkles and lines, it will also tackle saggy skin, lost muscle and loss of fat in the face. 

The results will last forever

As with any type of plastic surgery, the results of the procedure will not last forever. A facelift can typically last for up to 15 years, so a lot longer than non-invasive procedures and injectables. However, as your skin will continue to age after a facelift, you will need to get the procedure done again if you want to maintain its results. 

Recovery takes many months

Many people believe that recovery from a facelift or neck lift takes several months. While there is a recovery period and you must follow strict aftercare regimes after the procedure, the timescale is typically 1-2 weeks for the main stage of recovery. Another associated myth is that facelifts are extremely painful. While bruising typically occurs in most cases, following aftercare advice will minimise discomfort and will have you back to normal in no time.