5 of the best ways to fight an addiction

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, smoking or gambling, addiction is addiction and to regain control of your life, it’s important to know how you can fight it. No matter how difficult it may seem right now, a complete recovery is never out of reach and with the right treatment and support, positive change is possible.

 Understand your weak spots

It’s helpful to identify the factors that trigger you into lighting up a cigarette or hitting the bottle. Perhaps you’ve become used to smoking when you’re under pressure? If so, make sure that you have something to replace cigarettes during these times. Start a journal to pinpoint when you’re prone to addictive behaviours and what triggers you into doing them. This way you can learn how to avoid or replace them with something a lot healthier. Remember that it’s also important to remove any reminders of your addiction from your home and workplace.

 Stay distracted

While it may seem easier said than done, distracting yourself from your addiction tends to be one of the best ways to overcome it. Make a long list of distractions that you can pick up at any time that you’re thinking about caving such as household chores, things to read and new projects you wish to pursue. A lot of people battling addiction tend to pursue a new hobby that services to distract them both mentally and physically.

 Write down your goals

Another list to make is a list of positive changes that you want to make or goals that you want to achieve in your life. Before you do this, detail all of the negative effects that your addiction has on your life and think about how much your life will improve once you’ve kicked the habit. Some of the greatest incentives tend to include having more money, improving your health and having more time to spend with those that you care about. Having a list of goals that you want to achieve will help you stick to your plan in the long run.

 Practice mind management

Addiction withdrawal can be both physically and mentally challenging, and a lot of people will begin to rationalize with themselves, telling themselves that it’s ok if they begin the habit again. It’s important to listen to the part of your mind that is telling you not to give in rather than submitting to a defeatist attitude. If you’re struggling, go back to your list of reasons telling you why you should quit and talk to those who are aware of your situation to gain some much-needed support.

 Seek professional help

You might feel like you can overcome your addiction yourself, but depending on its severity it may be better to seek professional help. It’s important to have support and whether that be from family, friends or a healthcare professional is completely up to you. Rehabilitation centres such as Ana Treatment Centre can offer all of the support you need from the moment you contract them to the day you finally kick the habit. Sometimes you need to overcome your pride and admit that you need help.