Benefits, Side Effects, and Dangers of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is believed to have a lot of health benefits. Because of this many people have picked up the habit of drinking alkaline water. Alkaline water has a pH of between 8 and 9.5 on the pH scale. Purified water has a pH scale of 7 on the scale.  The benefits of alkaline water are known by many people but everyone needs to know the side effects and dangers of alkaline water. We spoke with Thomas Ventura, owner of QURE Water and here are some useful facts that he has shared with us:

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water neutralizes the acidity in the body. The processed foods that are highly consumed tend to increase the acidity of our bodies. A high acidity in our bodies can cause loss of vital minerals and vitamins like calcium from our bones.

Alkaline water is more efficient in reducing the body acidity levels compared to supplements. The body only uses what it needs from the water and the rest is excreted. Supplements are easy to overdose which can lead to serious medical issues like heart attacks

It also helps in reducing the viscosity of the blood in the body. A viscosity of the blood is how freely blood flows in the body. Those who drink alkaline water have less viscous blood which increases the overall distribution of oxygen. Other benefits that are not scientifically proven but associated with alkaline water include Colon cleansing, improving the immune system, anti-aging properties, and weight loss.

Side Effects

Sometimes the stomach acid goes lower than the optimum level required for killing germs ingested. This poses the danger of harmful bacteria entering your body. Excess alkalinity may cause digestive issues like metabolic alkalosis. The symptoms of alkalosis include vomiting, confusion, and twitching of muscles. These symptoms are as a result of low calcium levels in the body.

Dangers of Alkaline Water

The dangers of alkaline water can be traced back to how the water was alkalized.  Naturally alkalized water is good when taken in moderation. Ionized alkaline water may pose a danger to your health. The alkalinity of the water may be the same on the pH scale but the effects of natural and ionized alkaline water in the body are different.

Water is ionized by splitting the water molecules forming an artificial base pH in the water. Ionized water does not contain more alkaline minerals but it’s a separation of alkaline molecules and the acidic ones. The artificial alkaline water can cause heart problems, hypertension, bladder infections and anxiety. Water that’s artificially alkalized finally converts back to its original state. If it was acidic, you might be adding acid to your body.  Artificially alkaline water tricks the body to believe its receiving essential mineral while there no additional minerals in the water.

Another danger is too much alkalinity in the body. Anyone taking artificial alkaline water should measure the pH of their urine in the morning to avoid excess alkalinity in the body. Naturally alkalized water is always better than artificial or ionized alkaline water. Drink natural alkaline water to help your body to reap the maximum benefits. However, too much of it can be harmful. Everything is good in moderation. Always consider preparing alkaline water at home over buying a bottle in the store.