Cold And Flu Prevention Tips For Seniors And Caregivers

It seems that the cold and flu season is starting earlier every year and lasting much longer than the time before it. That means seniors and caregivers need to be a lot more diligent about taking important steps to stay healthy

This is especially critical for seniors who are susceptible to an assorted variety of health hazards and complications that can come from contracting influenza. Some of these can be potentially life threatening with afflictions such as pneumonia posing major risks for the elderly. 

Caregivers must be careful as well. They are tasked with making sure that seniors stay healthy and when the caregiver is trying to recover from a cold or a flu, they can pass it on to the senior for whom they are caring or, at the very least, remain unable to provide the care that an elderly adult needs throughout the day. 

We take every precaution to keep seniors completely healthy at Reliable In Home Senior Care. Our caregivers understand the importance of preventing cold and flu season from posing undue risks to the well-being of our patients. 

So as a way to help others to keep themselves and their seniors from getting sick this upcoming cold and flu season, here are some essential prevention tips that can benefit both the elderly and those tasked with their care. 

Flu Vaccine

The CDC strongly recommends that everyone get the flu shot before the cold and flu season gets into full swing. That’s because it takes time for the body to develop an immunity from the vaccine and seniors’ immune systems can work much slower to help protect them from being sick. 

So even if you got it last year or particularly if you did not, get the shot this time around. Flu strains change from year to year, as do the vaccines. In order to be fully protected, you need to get the vaccine for the season upcoming. 

Wash Hands

This is a good rule of thumb to remember all year round. Your hands are some of the most common carriers of germs and bacteria. Therefore it is absolutely imperative for you to wash them with soap and warm water. 

Do this many times throughout the day and after handling anything that might carry bacteria. Be thorough about the job as well, getting in between the fingers and on the backs of your hands too. There are germs hiding in these places and you must reach all of these areas in order to prevent them on to others. 

Wipe Surfaces

Germs live in places you may not always consider, including doorknobs, cabinet hardware, countertops, TV remote controls. You name it, if someone touches it with any regularity, cold and flu germs are probably waiting. Be sure to wipe these things down routinely. A cloth with soap and hot water should do the trick or get yourself some of those disinfecting wipes to take care of that bacteria and preventing it from making you or others very sick.