Custom Orthotics or Inserts, Which Are Better?

Everyone has heard about custom-made orthotics today, and everyone already knows about shoe inserts, but if you are wondering which ones would suit you better, that is something you need to discuss with your podiatrist.

There are many factors that affect this decision, and you can check out the inserts and custom orthotics cost from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, or just talk to your podiatrist instead. This is not a decision that should be made without a professional.

Visit your podiatrist as soon as you feel discomfort or pain!

The usual inserts

Everyone has seen these inserts in almost every drug store, and athletes tend to purchase these quite often. Now, these are designed to make your shoes a bit more comfortable, fixed, but they are not suited for some other major cases.

In addition, it is not smart to get inserts if you do not know just what your foot condition is, because you can cause a lot more bad than good. The safest bet is to talk to your podiatrist beforehand. However, these inserts could also help you out, if you have an issue with bad shoes, but on the other hand, you should stray away from uncomfortable shoes.

Wearing improper footwear is the main cause of having different foot conditions, so if you lead an active life or you suspect your shoes to be causing the problem, bring them with when you are visiting your podiatrist.


As we all know, orthotics tend to be a bit more professional and designed for separate foot conditions, but they could also be very generic. Usually, you have the over-the-counter orthotics that are designed to help the majority, but there are also the custom-made ones.

If you have a serious condition, your podiatrist will probably recommend to make a custom-made orthotics that will fit your case perfectly. The biggest difference between those and other orthotics is the fact that they are specially made just for you, and thus are very unique. You can check out the licensed sports podiatrist in Bondi, Sydney – Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or talk to a local podiatrist.

Visit your podiatrist

At the end of the day, you need to visit your podiatrist to know just which of the orthotics would best suit you. It is always safer to ask a professional to help you choose the right option, since in some cases you might worsen your condition with the wrong pair of orthotics. Keep in mind that just because you have an active life does not mean that you need to purchase orthotics.

Purchase the right shoes!

Final word

There are many different foot conditions today, and the best choice is to have regular podiatry visits to prevent anything that can be prevented. Do not purchase orthotics on impulse, have e a proper consultation with your podiatrist. Make sure to choose a podiatrist with a good reputation, and many satisfied patients. Do not take matter int your own hands.