How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep with CBD Nighttime Gummies?

If you are looking to gain good sleep but see yourself struggling, there is now a way that can combat your sleepless nights by way of CBD gummies. CBD gummies are a fun way that can help alleviate the symptoms that cause insomnia (stress, constant noise, RLS, or even other medications). They have a great taste, discreet, and you can take them with you.

Please keep in mind that no two gummies are going to be the same as each manufacturer uses different ingredients as well as there is no FDA regulation governing their consumption. This is why it is imperative that you conduct your own research so that way you can be thoroughly educated on the product’s uses.

Below, we’ve listed the 5 best CBD gummies that will help you fall asleep fast.

Lord Jones Gummy

The Lord Jones brand of gummies comes in small quantities that are handmade and include a CBD extract that is broad-spectrum and fruity in flavor. Every gummy is gluten-free and contains as much as 20 mg.

Each package contains a total of 9 gummies and they can be on the pricey side. Regardless, this could be a good reason why they may help with insomnia, right?

The gummies are THC-free, so if you are looking for no adverse effects, then this is a great option.

Sunday Scaries

CBD gummy brands made by Sunday Scaries come in two varieties: pectin for the vegan option and gelatin. Both of these options contain CBD that is full-spectrum as well as vitamin D3 and B12 which will help vegans tremendously due to their vegan diets having little to none of these vitamins. The vegan option also includes high fructose corn syrup while the regular option includes pure cane sugar.

Sunday Scaries have a total CBD amount of 10 mg in each gummy and each bottle contains 20 gummies.


CBD nighttime gummies from CBDistillery are one of the best selleing and highest quality gummies on the market. When you include CBD nighttime gummies that are both broad-spectrum and organic into your diet, you get a gummy that is tried and trusted by many users.

CBDistillery gummies do not contain GMOs or any type of sweeteners and are vegan-friendly. Every bottle of CBDistillery has 30 gummies containing 30 mg.

Charlotte’s Web

The CBD gummy brand known as Charlotte’s Web gained popularity when they were used successfully to treat an epilepsy episode. Ever since they have remained the go-to grand for sleep issues.

Charlotte’s Web gummies are available in many types of blends such as Calming, Sleep, and Recovery.

With the Calming blend, the ingredients include L-theanine and lemon balm has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress.

The blend for Sleep is a great option if you are having issues concerning insomnia as it also has melatonin added.

The blend for Recovery is perfect for individuals looking for properties that decrease inflammation by having turmeric and ginger added.

Charlotte’s Web gummies have a CBD amount of 10 mg each and contain 60 gummies.

PlusCBD Oil Gummies

PlusCBD Oil gummies are a CBD product that also packs a full-spectrum punch and offer a vegan option that comes in both citrus punch and cherry mango flavors. None of their ingredients are artificial and do not include soy, gluten or GMO so they are perfect if you suffer from allergies that are caused by these.

Packages contain 60 gummies and include 5 mg of CBD each and are great if you need a low dose alternative.