Tadalafil Spray – Does it Work?

As we all know, Tadalafil is the medicine used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Like other medications of erectile dysfunction, it comes in the form of tablets that are ingested through mouth. However now, it is also available in the form of spray. Chemists and pharmaceutical companies are always looking for new ways to enhance medicine and bring convenience to patients, which resulted in the development of Tadalafil spray. But a lot of people are still suspicious of its effectiveness and reluctant to trust the new mode of action. Previously, medications for premature ejaculation was available in the market that showed excellent results as well as customer satisfaction. In this article, we will go through the points that make Tadalafil spray a better alternative to Tadalafil tablets.

Time of Effectiveness

Tadalafil tablets usually take about 15 to 20 minutes in order to start working. When you ingest the tablets through mouth, they need to be broken down into smaller substances before entering the blood stream and show results. On the other hand, Tadalafil spray goes into action immediately after you spray it on your genitals. It transfer into your blood stream through skin with the help of passive diffusion.

Less Side Effects

Speaking of the side effects concerning Tadalafil tablets, there are many. It is common for consumers of Cialis, which is the generic form of tadalafil, to experience headaches, dizziness, nausea on a regular level. Back pains and muscular pain is also common in addition to upset stomach, such as diarrhea and constipation. However, with Tadalafil spray, less number of side effects were observed in the consumers. There is definitely a decrease in the frequency of muscles pain as well as stomach disorders.


The dosage of tadalafil tablets varies from patient to patient in accordance with their condition. Tadalafil tablets are prescribed for daily uses in order to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It focuses on producing long term results rather than showing instant effect. You might need to take the medicine for a few months before you can observe any change in your condition. Comparatively, tadalafil spray is only required in small doses. You can spray it for 2 to 3 times and observe the effects.

Rate of Effectiveness

According to the patients who have used Tadalafil spray, about 85% showed improvement in their erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the convenient mode of action enables them to use it whenever they want on short notice. If we consider the above mentioned data, it is obvious that Tadalafil spray is effective.