Types of Neurosurgery Performed in Montana

Neurosurgery, an area of surgery which focuses two areas of the body: spinal cord and the brain. This is the type of surgery that is more advanced than any other medical procedure. Many people think that neurosurgeons perform only one type of medical procedure. That is not true. They help many people with medical conditions, injuries and diseases in different areas of the body. 

Brain Surgery is the Most Commonly Known Type of Neurosurgery 
A brain tumor is a type of abnormal number of growth cells that begin accumulating in the brain. Various types of brain tumors grow in the brain. They can be benign, which means is noncancerous. Other brain tumors are malignant, which means they are cancerous. Some people develop abnormal growths in other areas of the brain and spread to the brain. 
Neurosurgery montana removes the tumor or tumors. The goal is to remove the tumors from the surround areas of the brain tissue. In the most complicated cases, a neurosurgeon cannot separate the tumor from brain tissue, they will remove as much of it as possible. 
A Neurosurgeon is Responsible for Implanting Ventricular Shunts 
A ventricular shunt procedure involves a neurosurgeon inserting a device into a person’s body to relieve pressure on their brain. The pressure is typically caused by too much cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the brain for many reasons such as blood vessels that poorly absorb fluid, overproduction of the fluid or a blockage that prevents fluid from reaching the brain. 

Removing Bone from the Skull is another Type of Neurosurgery 
When a patient has a medical condition such as a skull fracture, brain tumor, aneurysm or hematoma, they may need a craniotomy. Craniotomy is a surgical procedure performed by a neurosurgeon to remove bone from the skull. This is done for a specific reason. To get access an area of brain to resolve a medical issue. 

A Neurosurgeon will Resolve Some Blood Vessel Issues 
One of the less-invasive procedures a neurosurgeon performs is called endovascular. The term “endovascular” refers to the area inside the blood vessels. The surgical procedure is to treat medical issues affecting blood vessels such as carotid artery disease, a stroke, aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations. 

Pediatric Neurosurgery is also Type of Surgery Performed by a Neurosurgeon 
A pediatric neurosurgery is performed on children under the age of 18 years old. Children face the same type of medical conditions that adults do. Many neurosurgeons specialize in perform surgical procedures to help them. 

Neurosurgeons in Montana can Help 
Many neurosurgeons have spent years of medical training to work on these areas of the body. Their focus is only on specific areas of the brain and spinal cord to remove, cure and improve certain medical disease and conditions. Undergoing surgery in the spine or brain is a scary aspect but having the most experienced neurosurgeon can help dispel a lot of fear and misunderstandings about any neurological procedures such as the removal of a brain tumor.