What Are The Different Things One Can Get In An STD clinic?

Can the sexually transmitted diseases be treated well? The health care services offer incredible services that the regular hospitals don’t provide. The HIV clinic also provides affordable treatment to the people who cannot afford the treatment.

Can The HIV Clinic Treat Syphilis?

One of the ailments that the STD clinic can treat is syphilis. This ailment treatment is not that complicated. If the ailment is detected earlier, it can be cured effectively by a good specialist. The treatment is simple and not intrusive as the health clinic can fight the sickness and get the patient into the better times again. Thus if one has a sexually transmitted disease, he has to think of a good and affordable treatment. The treatment has to be rendered to feel better and in good health. The ailment syphilis is caused by the bacteria Treponema Pallidum that can be well transmitted from a person to the other by sexual contact. There are various tests that enable the patient to know if he has the disease and in what stage is it. This kind of information is helpful to cure the illness.

What Other Diseases Can The STD Clinic Treat?

One other disease that the STD clinic can treat is the untreatable HIV. The syndrome of acquired immune deficiency is created by the immunodeficiency virus or HIV. A person with HIV need not always be positive for aids. This disease is a condition in which the defenses of the body have dwindled to the point of no treatment. A prompt treatment for aids can give the patient many more years of normal life.

Is There A Treatment For HIV?

HIV has no cure, but if detected earlier the patient could live normally for a few years. The treatment options are much better than they were a few decades before. Because of the medical advancement, many people with aids these days live a healthy life. The specialist must be told of all the previous health problems and illnesses. The doctor should know about any supplementary treatment being taken or any drug being taken by the patient. If you take the right medication and go for regular checkups, then you can have the disease at check.

The Antiretroviral Therapy

The drug that treats aids is the antiretroviral drug. These drugs are mainly categorized under six different types. This means that each drug is there to treat different issues in the body. Research proves that a combination of drugs can control the HIV. The doctor generally recommends taking three different medicines from two varied groups. The medicines the doctor prescribes depends on factors like how well is the immune system going and also how many pills one wants to take every day. The side effects of the medication could be diarrhea, fatigue, dizziness, skin rashes, trouble sleeping and many more. After sometime the side effects will go away, as the body gets used to the medication. In this way the patient can prevent himself from the ailment for many years.

What Are The Symptoms Of HIV?

The human virus HIV causes a potentially life threatening disease in which the immunity of the person is attacked. This type of infection remains latent as well as inactive in the individual for several years, thus producing symptoms that are dangerous. Within the occurrence of the HIV disease, 40-90 of the individuals develop flu called the acute retroviral syndrome. Fever is present though not higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The fever generally subsides after 2 weeks. Many patients experience a sore throat during the infection. Generally such a symptom could make the doctor feel that the ailment is an upper respiratory infection. Thus on having a sore throat, going to an HIV clinic for testing could be a good option.

The STD clinics can take care of gonorrhea also. This disease is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae and could be passed by a sexual contact. It is very simple to get the access of a good and effective medicine from a health care clinic. This medicine could be a pill or an injection, wherein a single dose could cure the patient. Thus one should not delay and go to the best specialist to get the treatment.