What Is Medical Tape?

Do you maintain a first-aid kit at home? You should do it as not only does it help with primary health care but it also helps you understand those tools, equipment and medicines kept there. Medical or surgical tape is a common part of these kits which shows how much help they do. These tapes are adhesive in nature and used to close wounds and hold bandages in place. They are designed in a manner to meet a range of bandaging needs. More so, it’s easy to find medical tape in different lengths, widths and styles to suit specific body types and needs of people.

Here are some of basic things you need to know about these surgical tapes –

  • Some variety of these tapes are made with zinc oxide to minimize the risk of infection
  • Good-quality tapes will allow the skin to breathe so that air can circulate around the wound for quick healing
  • These tapes will ensure a flow of air so that the wounds are ventilated and cleaned and they take lesser time in healing
  • Silk, paper, foam, plastics and cloth are some of materials used in the making of adhesive tapes
  • These tapes are used to attach bandages and you can customize it to treat wounds of different sizes
  • It is also used to hold a gaping wound closed while in some cases, you will need wounds to stitch and shut
  • Where stitches are not needed, a tape can be used to close the wounds for healing purposes
  • They are created in a way to stick to anything and when applied dry, they can stick through hair, blood or sweat without any issue
  • These tapes are waterproof so you can expect them to stay on even when you take a shower or go swimming
  • They are made with pores which allow it to absorb sweat and body fluid for quick healing with passing worries of things coming off
  • They are easy to tear and use and you can rip them using the fingers and no problem is faced
  • These tapes are easy and versatile but they will leave behind a sticky residue around the edges when taken off the skin
  • The residue thus left behind can come off on its own but over the days and with showering
  • In some cases, the removal of these tapes can hurt the skin, particularly the sensitive types
  • They can also pull out hair which might worsen sensitive skin
  • They are very helpful in securing gauzes in place used for cuts and burns
  • These tapes are also known to stop chafing on the feet
  • They work amazingly well for blister prevention and chafing for their ability to stick easily to skin
  • They can cover cuts or cracks in irregular places like between your fingers
  • They are, however, not meant to secure splints or used for high strength applications
  • They are affordable, gentle on the skin and even work well for a variety of skin sizes
  • And lastly, these tapes are breathable and thus allow wounds to heal in a quick manner