These New Procedures Can Make Your Face Look Younger And Alluring

Is the softer and tighter skin something that you desire for a longer period of time? With new procedures, such as dermal fillers and thread lifting, you can achieve that now.

Dermal filler procedure is well known for giving the skin more volume and to even wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it smooths the skin and plumps the lips, depending on what you wish to change. They are completely safe and used for many years now.

 Dermal filler procedure is known for the amazing results

Before, fillers were injected into the nasolabial folds, so wrinkles were filled themselves. Today the goal is to lift and plump some other parts of the face for a more subtle natural look.

Example: As you age, bones are getting thinner, so the skin and fat tissue start to slide down. That caused the folds at the bottoms of cheeks. So doctor injects specific filler next to the cheekbone to give the face more fullness, and lift the face, while smile lines are removed in the progress.

Fillers can be used also for prevention. These days, people start to undergo the procedure much younger than before. In 2015. there was an increase in cosmetic surgery in patients under the age of 30. Doctors noticed that if you start earlier with the procedure, you age slower.

There are different filters for different goals. The difference is in particle size, so bigger particle size is used to give more volume to cheeks, while a smaller particle size is used for filling the lines and plumping the lips. At dermal fillers Templestowe at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne you can inform more about the procedure, and see which one is best for you or you can do your own research.

Thread Lift Procedure

The idea of the minimally invasive procedure is achieved with this treatment. Here, doctors are putting on the side scalpels and using something like a thread or a needle. The focus is on underlying parts of the skin because there begins sagging of the skin..

During the procedure, the doctor inserts suspension sutures, which latter dissolve, under the skin. These sutures are attached to the skin via the specific cones, and they are pulled back to reshape, lift and smooth the face. The collagen is produced more, so you get a lasting, natural look. You can see the results and get more information at thread lift Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or if you’re not in the area you can just visit your trusted cosmetic clinic near you.

   Your face is firm again thread lift

The great side of this treatment is that is more affordable than for example facelift surgery, there is no specific range of age that you can try it, but most people get it over the age of 30. You won’t have to hide for weeks, and you can return to your activities in one or two days, risks are minimal.

Final Word

Making the best of your look has never been easier. With one visit to cosmetics specialist, you can refresh your face and look a few years younger.