How to detox not retox this January

You’ve told you friends and your colleagues, you’ve downloaded the app, you’ve removed the leftover Christmas booze and there is no going back on doing a dry January now… But is there anything else you can do to make staying dry in January even easier? Well, yes, actually. Lots of research has been done into […]

18 Shake Review

Everyone share the same dream for having the best body. For many people it means the slim body type. They do not want to have extra fat in the body, but it seems like extra fat is very stubborn. It is very difficult to remove it from the body. They really work hard for losing […]

Chelation therapy and cancer

Cancer researchers are always looking for new and more effective ways to fight the disease, so it is only natural that they occasionally “loan” treatments from other disciplines to prove their effectiveness in the fight against cancer. Chelation therapy is a form of treatment originally used to combat heavy metal poisoning. While it is very effective in […]

How to eliminate heavy metals from body?

Firstly avoid absorbing too much heavy metals and free radicals.For this, choose organic foods, since they come from an agriculture reducing pollution. Then you regularly do good liver drainages to restore your liver all its potential antitoxic. Adopt on these occasions a hepatic diet consisting of carrot, celery, chervil, wild chicory, endive, escarole, watercress, green bean, lettuce, parsley, dandelion, […]

The Production Process and Benefits of Cannabis Pills

Perhaps taking cannabis pills is considered as one of the most underrated ways to consume medical Cannabis. Regardless of the purpose, Cannabis is typically consumed by incorporating it to edibles or smoking either the flowers or leaves. It doesn’t matter whether you consume it medicinally or even recreationally, the powerful plant has a myriad of […]

Taking the Right Supplement Products

If you are trying to reach your goals and are having a problem doing this on your own, it might be time for you to consider the benefits of going with good quality supplements. At EliteLabs, you can easily and quickly find amazing supplements for just about any type of Health goal that you happen […]

5 of the best ways to fight an addiction

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, smoking or gambling, addiction is addiction and to regain control of your life, it’s important to know how you can fight it. No matter how difficult it may seem right now, a complete recovery is never out of reach and with the right treatment and support, positive change is possible.  Understand […]

Gum disease: signs to watch out for

We all like to think that we take good care of our oral health by brushing regularly, visiting the dentist and avoiding harmful foods and drinks. However, the truth is that up to nine in every ten people have some gum disease. That figure may sound high, and surprising, but gum disease can come in […]